How To Gamble on Your Mobile?

When it comes to buying a phone, one of the most commonly asked questions you will ask yourself is ‘What am I going to do on it, am I going to be doing more than making calls or sending text messages?”

Will I need to work and play simultaneously? For the most part, your mobile device also says a lot about you. Not so much in the way you’re a tech geek if you love Android, and prefer style and substance if you have iPhone, but getting the most out of your phone for what you need is going to greatly influence the brand you go for.

When you’re playing on a device such as the iPhone, the Blackberry or a device running Android or Windows 8 mobile edition, you’ll find distinct differences in the way they run, not only differences between mobile and PC, but also inter platform differences.

The first major thing is due to the way that Windows (Closed Source, .exe), Android (Open Source, C++, Java), Blackberry (Closed Source, C++, Java at the Back End) and iOS (Closed Source, C, C++, Objective C, Java, if you hack the phone) all use different mobile languages which work in different ways, and as such, you will find that some of these slots play far better on different devices and in the different languages.

How to Gamble On Android Devices

As Android is based on the Linux operating system, and as such is called Open Source. It’s very hands on in the way you can play with the phone itself. Obviously we aren’t talking about being able to over clock your device (unless you Root it), but the App Store for Android is a lot less restrictive to Apple and Blackberry, meaning you can download nearly anything to your phone and run it should you have the correct features to actually run it.

Gambling on your Android is simple, just head on over to you this page Android Casinos, click on one of the best casinos listed and download the Android App. It doesn’t really get much easier than that! Upon launching the App, you’ll be prompted to log in or join, and this will launch your browser complete with HTTPS (securely encrypted, basically) connection. Complete the forms, deposit your funds, select the joining bonus if you want one, and get playing.

How to Gamble on Blackberry Devices

We like the fact that Blackberry offers a variety of solutions for business, pleasure, developers, movie watchers, Facebook junkies and Gamers. When buying your Blackberry device, if you will be doing any of these, we really recommend you go for one of the larger screened Blackberry devices. However, for all intents and purposes, you’ll be able to play on any device that has your casino of choices Blackberry App.

To get started, you need to first decide where you want to play, don’t be afraid to ask Google before you commit to anything or use our guide to the best blackberry casinos.

After you have found your new gaming home, click on the link to the casino, download the App, and upon launching, you’ll be asked to join or sign in. When you’re joining, you’ll have to fill out all the forms you would for the PC edition, so Name, Card Number, who you bank with, age etc.

Upon completing and depositing into your account, you will then have the option of claiming a sign up bonus, and will then be taken to the lobby. From here you will have all the games on offer to you, and will be able to play in minutes (for each new game you play, the core files have to be downloaded and added on to the end of the initial Apps code).

How to Gamble on iPhone and iPads

If you like doing what you like, when you like on your mobile device, then Apple products may not be great for you. As the App store is completely locked down, I actually believe Apple is best for teenagers as we don’t want the little darlings being exposed to inappropriate content for their age, such as pornography, gambling, violence and so on.

There are a couple of solutions for gambling on your iPhone or Tablet, the best one is simply go to one of the best iPhone Casinos see them here and the  go to the gambling site and download the casino, if you are from UK you can also download a app on itunes, a good one  would be the Vegas Paradise Casino App, cause it is fully licensed and secure,

If you have a Jail broken device, you can download in a similar way to Android, where if you have the software to run something, you can execute the command successfully.

In this case, you’ll go to whichever casino you want to play at, download the iPhone App, install, register, deposit funds into your account and finally, get playing!

The screens are a good size on the iPhone, so it won’t be too fiddly to play the games, but I would always recommend on any gambling game to play a few rounds in demo mode to get a good feel for the layout, adjust to the obviously smaller size to what you’d have on your computer, and also get a feeling on how the games play on your iPhone or iPad.