Mobile Casino Games

We make no apologies for the size of this guide on mobile casino games, as there are a huge number of casino games available to play at all of the mobile casino sites listed on our website we thought it would be good to list them all along with an overview of what each game offers.

You will also find a few of our top rated mobile casino sites mentioned below, so if any of the mobile casino games take your eye then those listed sites are where you will be able to access and play them instantly on any type of mobile phone or mobile device!

Mobile Casino Games

We have also compiled a set of guides to some of the main categories of mobile games, and as such we would suggest you take a look at our guides on Roulette Mobile Games, Blackjack Mobile Games, Mobile Slots Apps and also the brand new Live Dealer Mobile Games.

Microgaming Mobile Games

Below are all of the many different standard mobile casino games which are available to you at Microgaming’s powered mobile casinos such as our featured River Belle Mobile Casino site.

Aces and Eights Poker – Aces and Eights is one of Microgaming’s more popular variations in both Mobile and Online gaming suites. Thanks to the fact mobile technology has come on so much, you can now play it at any Microgaming powered Mobile site using Java or an App as the engine.

Offering some really good twists, such as specific hands offering massive payouts and the fact it’s an easy game to ‘get’, you’ll be playing with perfect strategy in no time.

Classic Blackjack

Mobile Blackjack

Blackjack, one of the oldest and most loved card games the world over. Simply create a Blackjack (Face or Ten card and an Ace) in your first 2 cards to win 3:2. Beat the dealer without going over 21, and you’ll win 1 to 1, and should you ever be offered insurance, say no!

Double Double Bonus Poker

Mobile Double Double Bonus Poker

This is a fun variant of the popular game of Video Poker. It follows all of the rules in the standard game, but has a Double Up feature already built in after you make any win. If you’re not really in to this kind of gamble feature, you don’t have to do it, and simply press collect. However, there are some really good prizes to be won should you double up.

European Roulette

Mobile Roulette

Unlike American Roulette where the Wheel has 2 zeros (0 and 00), or the Green sections of the board. European Roulette only has one, and as such actually comes with a much greater edge in your favour. Simply select your numbers, side bets, corners or runs, and watch the action unfold.

Jacks or Better Poker – Jacks or Better is named as such, due to the minimum winning combination being 1 pair of Jacks or higher (King, Queen and Ace). Played with a standard 52 deck card (no jokers), you’ll find that the house edge on Jacks or Better is very small, and well suited should you be looking to get into video poker.

Aces and Faces Poker – If you are tired of constantly playing roulette, Blackjack, Poker and slots, then give Video Poker a go. Aces and Faces is a simple version of the game, but also has some special hands which would normally be non winning in traditional Video Poker. There is also a gamble feature available upon winning should you wish to try your luck.

Deuces Wild Poker – This is a fun one when you’re looking for a little more action. Basically, all of your Deuces (or 2’s) are wild, giving you some really good winning combinations. There are some other features in play such as the gamble feature and the ability to also have it play for you, so your mind can wander elsewhere.

Bonus Deuces Wild Poker – This is similar to the Deuces Wild Poker, but comes with a few more listed payouts. It is a strong contender when it comes to the top post of the most popular video poker game, offering loads of little twists to the game play.

Royal Derby – This is essentially a virtual racing game. Select your horse, pick a wager and watch the race in stunning 3D graphics. Word of advice though, you won’t want to be playing this game with limited battery, as being connected to the internet through Wi-Fi or 3G is draining before you even get to the track!

Bingo Bonanza – This is a simple scratch card game and great for quick, no nonsense fun while also not draining your battery. Simply select the amount you wish to play for, click Buy, and scratch (just not with a coin on your mobiles screen!). If you get a match, you will win a prize denoted in the pay table.

Keno – Over the years, Bingo has seen a real rise in popularity, and Keno is a variation of bingo, except you don’t have to play against anyone else. Pick your numbers, hit go, and if you’re lucky, you may win the top prize which often runs into the thousands!

You will be able to play any of the above mentioned casino games on the Microgaming mobile gaming platform, and one mobile casino that we are more than happy to bring to your attention is the long established and much loved Gaming Club Mobile Casino.

Playtech Mobile Games

If you fancy playing a range of mobile casino games that are available on the Playtech mobile gaming platform then all of the games we have given you an overview of below can instantly now be accessed over at the Playtech software powered Casino Las Vegas mobile site, so do check them out as they are highly rated and much respected.

Chicago Streets – Here we have a Gangster themed Scratch Card, based around a time when gangsters were gangsters and not jumped up bits of kids who seem to struggle with their shoe laces. Simply scratch the panel, and should you make a match, you’ll win a prize.

Blackjack – This is the standard game of Blackjack, and the aim is to beat the dealer to 21. After being dealt 2 cards, you can either take another card or stand, but be careful, going over 21 will cause you to bust out of the game!

Roulette – The 3 main versions of Roulette are American, French and European. The latter version is the game that Playtech have to offer and it offers you a tiny house edge, so you could well end up on a streak. Simply place your wagers and watch the action unfold.

Love Match – This is quite a cute and cuddly scratchcard, and offers a simple pay table. Simply scratch off the panel, and if you make a match, you win.

Jacks or Better – If you haven’t played video poker before, this is the simplest game to play. You’ll be dealt 5 cards, pick up to 5 of them to hold for the next portion of the game to try and make a winning combination, and hit draw. If you have a minimum of 2 Jacks, or better, you win.

Keno – Keno is essentially Bingo but you’re not playing against anyone. You pick your numbers, and the balls are picked. Should you get a certain amount of numbers you’ll win a prize denoted by the pay table.

Pop Bingo – This is similar to Keno in the way it plays, but is actually completely different as well. If you can complete your card in a certain number of balls, you’ll win a prize according to the pay table. The fewer balls needed, the higher your prize.

Rock Paper Scissors – This is more an arcade game, but we’ve all played it, and if you’re feeling a little nostalgic, it’s quite fun. All you need to do is select Rock, Paper or Scissors, and watch as you win, draw or lose to your computer opponent.

If any of those standard mobile casino games from Playtech that you have just been reading about are of interest to you then we suggest that you make your way over to the William Hill Mobile Casino site as they have them all on offer and as a new player a generous sign up bonus will also be yours!