Mobile Sports Betting

There is a whole new exciting world waiting for you if you venture into the mobile sports betting environment, with more and more established land based and online sports betting sites now launching their very own mobile sites and betting Apps then you are now able to place a wager when ever and where ever you are.

As with most new gambling environments and developments there are always plenty of benefits of trying them out and to give you an idea of just what it is you can bet on, the types of wagers you can place and also the benefits of using your mobile phone or mobile device to place sports bets with have a good look through our guide below.

Benefits of Mobile Sports Betting

Let us now take a look at the benefits of being able to place sports bets on your mobile or Tablet device, there are quite a few of them and once you discover them you will probably be itching to give this new way of betting a try, and if so we have a couple of top rated mobile sports betting sites to introduce you to!

Bet Anywhere – The beauty of using a mobile phone or Tablet device to place a sports betting wager is that you can do it from absolutely anywhere. This includes being able to get your money down when you are at a sporting fixture or race course and are unable or unwilling to wander down to the on course bookmakers!

Up To Date Odds -You will not of course have to make any compromises when you are betting with a mobile as the betting interfaces and platforms are fully updated and in real time, and as such you will always get the very latest odds on offer.

Instantly Placed Wagers – When you make a sports bet at any of the mobile betting sites listed below your wagers are confirmed instantly, and you will have a full audit trail which shows your every bet placed and this will let audit trail will also let you know when winning bets have been settled.

Bet In Play – If you fancy placing a wager after the sporting event has got under way and started then you are now able to place In Play wagers at our featured sports betting mobile site

Phone Betting – You will of course be able to place a wager by phoning up the sports betting site should you be experiencing any type of connection problems with their mobile betting sites, and as such this adds a sort of fail safe protection, as you are always able to phone the betting site up to place a wager over the phone should all else fail!

Bet Types – All of the usual types of bets and wagers can be placed on the mobile sports betting platforms and as such you will be able to place Win bets, Accumulator bets or Place, Exacta’s and Tricast bets, and any other type of wager you can think of!

Secure Transactions – All transactions when placed at any of our featured mobile sports betting sites are of course fully safe and secure and as such you will have your own unique password and user name to access the sites.

Additional Bonuses Bets – You may also be able to claim an extra bonus from mobile sports betting sites even if you already have an account at their respective online betting sites, this is where it will pay for you to checkout each site individually as those free bonus bets could be winning wagers!

Easy to Use Interface – One think you do not want to have to endure is a mobile sports betting interface that is cumbersome and hard to use, when you sign up to and start to wager at our top rated sports betting sites the betting platforms have been designed with the end user in mind.

This means you are going to be able to tap your screen to navigate the site and place wagers if your mobile device is a touch screen device or easily move around the site using your keypad if it does not have a touch screen facility.

Banking Options – There are just as many banking options available on a mobile sports betting site as there are available on an online betting site and as such you are not going to have to find one that is convenient to the betting site you can pick one that you want to use!

Demo Mode – You will also find a few mobile sports betting sites that will let you set up a demo account or will provide video tutorials explaining just how to get yourself betting on your mobile device, and as such even if you have never placed mobile sports betting wagers before you will soon get the hang of it!

Top Mobile Sports Betting Sites

There are really only two mobile sports betting sites that you need to be aware of, these are two of the largest betting site operators in the world and as such everything you will need from such a site will be found at their respective mobile site.

Bet365 Mobile Betting Site – You will find that at the brand new Bet365 mobile sports betting site a myriad of betting opportunities are on offer, not only that but thanks to their generous odds and a range of bonus bets and consolation bets you will always be getting maximum value when you bet at this leading site.

William Hill Mobile Betting Site – Another very well known operator of land based betting shops and offices that have a state of the art and easy to use online betting site is William Hill. Having launched what we know to be the ultimate mobile betting site you are never going to need another site at which to place any kind of sports wagers!

One final word in regards to any new player free bets and bonuses offered by any mobile sports betting site, always have a read through the rules of those free bet bonuses to ensure you know what you have to do to claim and use them!