Mobile Live Dealer Games

For anyone who has experienced the enjoyment and excitement of playing in a land based casino, then it is often quite difficult to persuade that person to move their gaming action into the mobile gaming world.

When instead of playing against real live dealers and real live croupiers on games such a Blackjack and Roulette they are instead playing against a random number generator.

It is true to say that no matter how good the graphics on a random number generator driven software powered casino game is the gaming experience you get at a land based venue is way better than the one found at such mobile gaming sites.

However, never wanting to miss out on an opportunity to expand their businesses into all types of gaming industries, the software companies and casino game designers whose gaming suites and gaming platforms power many online and mobile casino sites have now come up with a solution to this problem and that is via live mobile casino games.

How these live dealer mobile games work is quite ingenious, a live video stream is fed directly from the gaming tables of a land based casino, and thanks to a clever little interface on your mobile device, you can then remotely place wagers directly onto the live casino table games.

You then click or tap on the relevant betting option buttons displayed on your mobile device screen to allow you to fully participate in these real life casino games! Below are the currently available mobile live dealer games offered at several of our mobile casino sites.

Blackjack Live Dealer Mobile Games

Live Mobile Casino

The most common feedback we receive from players playing standard online casino and mobile casino software and random number driven games is that they play too fast and just do not feel right, and this is probably due to several different factors that do make them totally none comparable to real life Blackjack games.

The one major factor is that due to you having the ability to play a huge number of hands of Blackjack per session when playing a software driven casino as opposed to a land based Blackjack game, then you are going to have more losing and winning sessions in a short period of time, simply due to the number of hands you are playing per session.

This high number of games playable means that you can often be left feeling, more so when a losing session has occurred, that the games do not play correctly and you may get the impression they are somehow rigged!

By playing at our featured and showcased mobile casino sites who offering real life Blackjack games then you are never going to be left feeling unhappy, as you can see the games all playing out and are not going to be left at the mercy of a random number generator as all live Blackjack mobile games use real decks of cards which are shuffled in front of you and also dealt out in front of you via the video streams.

Roulette Live Croupier Mobile Games

Live Dealer Roulette

Unless you are playing Roulette on a mobile or tablet device which boasts a fairly large screen, then when playing games such as Roulette you may have to make a few compromises, as due to the nature of the game you will get the most enjoyment out of watching the ball spin around the rim of the Roulette wheel and then as gravity takes hold of the ball it will then land in one of the ball wells.

If you cannot see the ball clearly at all times then you are not truly going to get the maximum thrill, excitement and also entertainment value that the game of Roulette offers.

The live Roulette mobile games however come with a zoom animation, which is fed directly to your mobile device via a video stream, so one the Croupier has announced “No More Bets” then the camera is then zoomed onto the Roulette wheel and you can then watch the ball make its final decent into one of the ball wells.

You really ought to at the very least view a live Roulette game in action via any of our mobile casino sites, they will allow you to log in and watch these games in action, and we guarantee that when you see them all playing out you will want to give them a try as they are way better than the software driven Roulette games!

Baccarat Live Dealer Mobile Games

Live Baccarat

You can also play another very popular casino card game in a real live dealer mode, and this is the game of Baccarat which is one of the world’s most played card games coming second to Blackjack in the popularity stakes!

When playing Baccarat at a mobile or online casino which is a software driven type game then players suffer the same problems as the Blackjack game, and that is this game does not play just as good as when you play it in a land based casino setting.

However thanks to the new live dealer mobile casino sites then you will no longer have to experience the software driven games, as you can play against real live dealers who are dealing our physical playing cards right before your eyes which is the only way you should be playing Baccarat!

You will have all of the usual betting options available when playing live dealer Baccarat at a mobile casino site, these of course being the Bankers, Players and Tied Hand betting options, however one word of advice when playing live Baccarat, and that is to make a note of the payout odds for the Tied Hand betting wager.

You will find the games offering the highest paying live dealer Baccarat games are those which offer odds on this Tied Hand wager of at least 8 to 1, with the other wagers those being the Bankers Hand paying at least even money with a 5% or less house commission and with the Players Hand paying even money with no commission!

Where to Play Live Mobile Games

You will be pleased to learn that many of our approved and fully licensed and regulated mobile casino sites now offer a range of live casino games all accessible via their mobile sites and mobile casino game Apps, checkout any of the sites below for the ultimate way to play casino games on your mobile device.

Gaming Club Mobile Casino – One of the mobile casino sites that uses Microgaming’s gaming platform that was the first to make available live mobile casino games was the Gaming club mobile casino, and a very warm welcome will await you if you give their range of live games a try today.

Lucky Nugget Mobile Casino – Another site which we have no problems showcasing and introducing you to and one that boasts plenty of great playing live dealer casino games is the Lucky Nugget casino site, visit their website for information on a massive welcome bonus offer.

Jackpot City Mobile Casino – We are very happy to announce that the Jackpot city mobile casino site has just gone live with their own collection of live casino games and as such you will now be able to play Blackjack, Roulette or Baccarat ion a live casino format!