Roulette Apps

No mobile casino site would be complete without the game of Roulette, and in this section of our website we shall let you know which Roulette variants are found at all of our showcased mobile casino sites, whilst at the same time letting you know the best variants to play and those best avoided.

One thing that some new players who are using Roulette Apps need to be aware of is that they can often be offered a new player type of bonus when playing at a mobile casino site for the very first time, and whilst these can often be a great way of boosting your available bankroll if you intend playing Roulette there are a few things you need to know about these bonuses.

A mobile casino bonus often comes with much higher play through requirements when you are playing Roulette, and this will often mean these types of bonuses are hard to win with when playing Roulette and are probably best avoided.

You may also find some mobile casino sites will not permit you to use a bonus they have added to your account on any of their available Roulette game variants, and as such always read the small print of any mobile casino bonus if it is the Roulette games you are looking to play!

Top Roulette Apps Game Variants

If you want to play Roulette via any of the mobile casino sites offering Roulette Apps of which we have many reviewed around our site, then below you will find the many different Roulette game variants you are going to come across at the sites.

Please take note of what we are going to let you know about each of these Roulette App games as some are great ones to play and some you really ought to be giving a wide berth to!

Mini Roulette Game App – This is a game that Playtech have designed, and whilst it could seem a low house edge game as it only has 13 numbers on the roulette wheel those being one zero and the numbers one to twelve, unfortunately the house edge is huge making it a Roulette game to avoid playing!

Progressive Roulette Game App – You may come across a number of Roulette games that can be played on a Casino App that offer a progressive jackpot, and often the base game of these variants will be the single zero game.

However due to the obligatory one unit side bet that you are always forced to play in addition to any other wagers placed on this type of Roulette game then poor value is on offer, and you really should only ever consider playing it if the jackpot has grown to an unusually large amount!

Zero House Edge Roulette Game App – The zero house edge Roulette Apps games are very few and far between, however with no zero on the wheel you could find this particular mobile casino game an interesting proposition.

However when such games are offered you will find more times than not, that the casino offering them takes a commission out of any winnings made on these games when you request a cash out, and that commission often negates any advantage of playing these zero house edge mobile Roulette game Apps!

French Roulette Game App – By far and away the best mobile Roulette App games is the French Roulette variant, two versions of this game are commonly found and each of them have a special rule in place on the games which makes them very low house edge games indeed.

The special rules all revolve around what happens to your even money paying wagers when a zero has spun in, one rules says you get given back half of your wagers on even money paying bets when a zero spins in and the other rules keeps those wagers locked in place on the table for the next spin.

However these two unique playing rules means the house edge on offer on this game is a tiny 1.35% and that means that if your mobile casino site at which you are playing offers these French Roulette games then it should be this variant you are playing ad no other!

European Roulette Game App – The most commonly found Roulette game App is the European variant, and whilst this variant does not offer the special rule that the game above does it comes with a small 2.70% house edge thus making it an attractive game to play.

This variant comes with a single zero in play and all of the usual betting options can be placed directly onto the table, you will of course find a plethora of different table stake and chip value settings are on offer dependent on which mobile casino site you are playing this game at.

American Roulette Game App – The only time you should play the American Roulette casino game App is when you are playing it for free and putting no real money at risk!

The reasons for us saying this is that this American Roulette game has not the usual one zero on the wheel but there is an additional double zero on the wheel and this therefore means that it offers extremely poor value to real money players due to its massively increased house edge caused by that extra zero!

We really do urge you to stick to the lowest house edge Roulette games when playing for real money via a mobile casinos App, as this way you will have a reasonable chance of having a winning session and not one that is going to eat away at your available Roulette playing bankroll!

Where to Play Roulette App Games

To enable to find a graphically enhanced Roulette App game to play on any mobile device and also one using a very player friendly interface we have listed several of our highly rated mobile casinos below, all of which offer a fully downloadable Roulette App.

River Belle Mobile Casino – You will find the excellent European Roulette game is available to play at the River Belle mobile casino site, you can download this Roulette App directly from their website and will then be able to play its whenever you like on any mobile device.

Vegas Paradise Mobile Roulette – Some great smartphone and tablet roulette games, play on iPhone, Android or any smartphone – one of the best apps.

Casino Las Vegas Mobile – Playtech’s range of Roulette games are found on offer at the Casino Las Vegas mobile casino site and when playing Roulette on their App for real money you will be collecting comp points on all of your real money wagers which thanks to an easy to use redemption system on the banking page allows you to swap them for real money casino chips at leisure!

Gaming Club Mobile Casino – Another Microgaming powered casino App offering you the ability to play the great playing and high paying European Roulette game is the one found on the Gaming Club’s mobile casino site, plenty of different stake options are available and some huge winning payouts are always possible.

Mr Green Mobile Casino – The great thing about Mr Green’s Casino App is that lots of different software providers’ games are on offer and as such you can pick a Roulette game to play that suits not only your pocket but also your playing style!

Lucky Nugget Mobile Casino – We love everything about the Lucky Nugget mobile casino App, it downloads in seconds and gives you full access to all of Microgaming’s casino games including their single zero European Roulette variant.

Party Mobile Casino – One final Casino App to tell you about is on offer at the brand new Party Mobile Casino site, not only can you play a great playing Roulette variant with just one single zero in play on its wheel but a huge and going suite of exclusive mobile casino games can also be found on their App!